Spiraliser HANDY, 3 blades

Slightly pull the tailstock handle towards yourself until it snaps into position . Remove impurities, green ends and tough skins from vegetables and fruits; remove stems from apples and pears. Cut long vegetables such as white radishes and carrots into parts not longer than 12 cm . Press the wider end of the vegetable or fruit onto the spindle with thorns , seize the tailstock by the handle, move towards the handle and thread the centre of the other end of the vegetable onto the blade ring . Cutting spirals Continuously press the tailstock handle towards the blade and rotate the crankshaft ; the spirals will fall into the prepared vessel. Cleaning Remove the dish from the spiraliser after use and pour out any contained juice . Disassemble and wash the spiraliser after use; all parts except for the base with the suction cup are dishwasher safe. Storage Insert the storage box with the blades into the spiraliser and push the tailstock towards the storage box. Both parts are held in place using magnets . 3-year warranty A 3-year warranty period applies to this product from the date of purchase. The warranty never covers defects: - due to improper use incompatible with the Instructions for use, - resulting from an impact, fall or mishandling, - due to unauthorised repairs of, or alterations to, the product. In case of a justified complaint please contact your retailer or any of the TESCOMA service centres listed at www.tescoma.com .

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