Spiraliser HANDY, 3 blades

A Instructions for use Characteristics

Spiraliser HANDY is excellent for preparing vegetable and fruit spirals from potatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, white radishes, kohlrabi, onions, celery, parsley, bell peppers, apples and pears . It comes with 3 blades for preparing noodles (about 2 × 3 mm), spaghetti (about 3 × 6 mm) and spiral chips (1.5 mm thick, width depends on the fruits/vegetables used) . Before first use Disassemble the spiraliser before first use. Remove the dish, the storage box with 2 blades and the inserted blade from the base . Open the storage box and remove the blades . Push the tailstock lock downwards and pull it out of the spiraliser . Remove the crankshaft and spindle with spikes from the tailstock and pull out the handle . Wash all parts of the spiraliser under running water, leave to dry and assemble again. Insert the handle into the tailstock with the grooves facing downwards . Securing the spiraliser to the working surface Place the spiraliser parallel to the edge of a clean, smooth and non-porous surface . Press the suction cup holder downwards and secure the spiraliser to the working surface . Useful hint: To firmly secure the spiraliser to a porous or uneven surface or surface that is not perfectly smooth, such as wood, laminated boards, artificial stone, ceramics, etc., use Superadhesive mat HANDY (art. 643589) – available at your retailer.

Application Insert the chosen blade into the spiraliser

and place a suitable container under the blade.

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