Digital personal weighing scale LAGOON






moderately increased





<7 <8 <9

7–18 8–19 9–20

18–25 19–25 20–26 22–28 24–30

>25 >25 >26 >28 >30

>60 >58 >56 >55 >54

>40 >38 >37 >36 >34

13–19 20–39 40–59

<11 <13

11–22 13–24

60 and over

Notice: The diagnostic data shown are indicative and do not substitute measurement using professional medical diagnostic instruments.

End of weighing and switching the scale off After you step off the scale, it will switch off automatically after about 9 seconds. Error messages and possible causes The following error messages may be shown on the display of the scale during weighing:

Err the scale is overloaded Err1/Err2 body fat and water cannot be measured Lo batteries are flat and must be replaced

If an error message is displayed or the scale does not operate correctly or does not respond, perform the following checks: 1. Check whether the batteries are inserted properly in the scale. 2. Check whether the units of weight have been set correctly. 3. Check whether the scale is set in a stable position on a strong and flat surface and does not contact other objects. 4. Repeat weighing after the check. Battery replacement The scale comes with 2 lithium 3V batteries CR2032. When the symbol of flat batteries Lo is shown on the display, open the battery cover on the bottom of the scale and replace both batteries with new ones. Use exclusively high-quality lithium batteries CR2032. If you do not use the scale for a long period of time, remove the batteries and store the scale separately. Notice: Do not discard used batteries or the scale in domestic waste – dispose of them at a recycling site. Cleaning Clean the glass weighing plate using an agent for glass; wipe the other parts with a moistened dishcloth and dry. Do not use dishwashing soaps, aggressive chemicals, sand-based agents etc. to clean. Do not wash the scale under running water!


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