VIVA cookware set

Cookware set VIVA – Instructions for use

CHARACTERISTICS First-class kitchen cookware with glass/stainless steel covers, solid water-tight grips, three-layer sandwich bottoms and measuring scale in every vessel. Both the vessels and the covers have solid stainless steel grips which are watertight – this makes the cookware dishwasher safe. The cookware is made of high-grade stainless steel 18/10 and has three-layer sandwich bottoms. Heat is transferred continuously from the cooker into the vessels without variation and evenly throughout the bottom. This makes cooking easier, without unwanted overcooking. The sandwich bottom has excellent heat retaining properties which save energy. The cooker can be switched off before the end of cooking and the cooker remains efficient even if set to a low output. Food left in the vessels preserves its temperature for a long time. The cookware is made to meet the demands of intense and prolonged use and the highest requirements placed on healthy, comfortable and economic cooking. The cookware is suitable for all types of cooker – gas, electric, vitro-ceramic and induction cookers. COOKING IN THE COOKWARE When cooking in the cookware, set the cooker to maximum only for the initial phase of cooking and allow only low or medium output further during the cooking process. Switch the heat off in advance before the end of cooking to make use of the heat retaining properties of the sandwich bottom. Make sure that the size of the cooking range does not exceed the diameter of the bottom of the cookware and do not allow the flame to expand over the bottom – otherwise the grips may burn.


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