Immersion blender PRESIDENT with accessories

Pulse blending function To blend hard or thick ingredients such as root vegetables, ice cream, etc., use the high-speed pulse blending function (intermittent blending). Immerse the blender in the blending container and repeatedly press and release the pulse mode button until the ingredients are blended. Useful hint: The container with the multifunctional cap on is suitable for shortly storing (up to 24 hours) blended food in the refrigerator. Important notice Do not use the blender with the pulse mode button pressed for more than 10 seconds at a time! Filling the chopping container Place the chopping blade into the chopping container, add ingredients divided into approx. 2 cm pieces, fill up to the “MAX”mark as a maximum. Useful hint: Blender PRESIDENT can be used to chop stoned fruit and vegetables, onions, meat, herbs, shelled nuts, cheese, hard bread, etc. Notice: Do not use the chopping container to prepare crushed ice from ice cubes. Chopping Close the filled chopping container. Insert the handle of the blender into the lid and join both pieces together by rotating clockwise. Press the blending button and chop the ingredients to the required coarseness. Whipping Attach the whisk to the handle and join the two pieces together by rotating them in opposite directions. Set the speed control to the lowest level “1” and increase speed as required while whipping. Immerse the whisk in the container with ingredients and press the blending button until the ingredients are whipped. Useful hint: Press and release the pulse mode button several times after whipping to obtain a thicker consistency. Notice: Speed cannot be changed in the pulse mode.


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