Immersion blender PRESIDENT with accessories

Legend 1 Speed control 2 Blending button 3 Pulse mode button

8 Blending container 9 Multifunctional cap 10 Chopping container 11 Chopping container lid

4 Handle

5 Blender rod 6 Blending blade

12 Chopping blade

13 Whisk

7 Power cord Before first use Attention! The blending blade is sharp – be careful when using and cleaning the blender. Wash and dry the blender rod and container with multifunctional cap, wipe the handle with a cloth. Attach the blender rod to the handle and join the two pieces together by rotating them in opposite directions. Set the multifunctional cap to the bottom of the container to prevent the container from slipping while blending. Connect the plug of the cord to a 230 V socket. Filling Fill the blending container up to the “MAX” mark as a maximum with ingredients without stones etc. divided into approx. 2 cm pieces. Notice: Do not put and blend hot ingredients in the blending container; do not use the container in a microwave oven or freezer. Blending Immerse the blender in the container with ingredients, simultaneously press the blending button and blend the ingredients in the container by briefly moving the blender up and down. Useful hint: The immersion blender is suitable also for blending food in deep pots, casseroles, saucepans, bowls, etc. Important notice Do not use the blender with the blending button pressed for more than 120 seconds at a time! If the appliance begins to overheat due to prolonged uninterrupted blending, disconnect it from the grid, do not use it for 15 minutes, then connect again and continue blending. You can increase or reduce speed and change power as required while blending.


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