Ham maker PRESTO

Hammaker PRESTO, with thermometer

CHARACTERISTICS Hammaker PRESTO is excellent for making hamat home. It comes with amulti-purpose thermometer for accurate temperature control during the stewing process. It is made of heat-resisting plastic and heat-resistant silicone; the thermometer and the spring are made of high-grade stainless steel. The ham maker has an adapter for making a half portion of ham.


1. Handle 2. Lid 3. Straining holes 4. Spring 5. Pressing disk 6. Adapter for making a half portion 7. Thermometer holder 8. Thermometer 9. Vessel 10. Silicone legs

BEFORE FIRST USE Before first use, thoroughly wash all parts of the hammaker under running warmwater and dry them. ADAPTER FOR MAKING A HALF PORTION To make a regular portion of ham, unscrew the lid from the ham maker and remove the adapter for making a half portion by turning it slightly and pulling it up from the pressing disk. To make a half portion of ham, attach the adapter back in place (A). FILLING THE HAM MAKER To make a regular portion of ham, fill the ham maker with the meat mass approx. 1 cm below the upper rim; to make a half portion, fill the vessel to one half as a maximum.While filling, always press the meat mass after introducing a new layer.


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