Digital personal weighing scale LAGOON

a Instructions for use Safety instructions

Read the Instructions for use before using the scale and keep them for reference. This scale is not suitable for people with pacemakers or other medical implants and for pregnant women. The body fat information may be inaccurate in people with diabetes or other medical/physical limitations. The scale is suitable for domestic use. It is not suitable for use in hospitals or other medical facilities. Children may not play with the appliance. Keep the scale away from water and direct sunshine. Do not place the scale on an uneven surface. Do not stand on the corners/edges of the scale. Do not stand on the scale with wet feet or when wearing socks to avoid slipping.

The scale has a measuring range up to 180 kg. Do not overload the scale. Protect the scale from impacts and vibrations, falling or dropped objects. Do not repair the scale yourself; instead contact an authorised TESCOMA service centre. Technical parameters Capacity: 180 kg (389 lb / 28 st 4 lb) Accuracy: 50 g Memory profiles: for 10 persons Powered by: 3V batteries CR2032, 2 pcs Legend 1. Weighing plate 2. Measurement electrodes 3. Digital display 4. Symbols of control buttons – Down / Save / Up 5. Control buttons 6. Setting units of weight 7. Battery cover








Before first use Remove the battery cover and remove the transport insert from the batteries. Set the cover back on. Location Place the scale onto a strong, flat surface out of the reach of humidity and heat, avoiding contact with other objects. Switching on Briefly step on the centre of the scale with one foot – the scale will switch on and 0.00 kg will be shown on the display.


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